Samantha Deter Bussard

Director, Talent Strategy
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Organizations eager to outpace the competition turn to Sam, a high-output dynamo who insists on talent acquisition excellence. With unparalleled energy and determination, she maximizes the efforts of all teams and functions, routinely analyzing data and past trends to influence future operational efficiencies. Sam is passionate about coaching and mentoring recruiting professionals at all stages of their careers to unlock their complete potential and confidence. Her background in the management consultant industry enables her solutionist mindset, seeing no problem as unresolvable.  She loves to learn to expand the limits of her knowledge and encourages her clients to be willing to do the same.


B.A., Saint Vincent College

Behind the Scenes

Samantha is a fantasy football enthusiast with a few championship trophies under her belt! Samantha enjoys using predictive analytics and statistical analysis to put together winning fantasy football teams year after year.

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