Investing in Your People: A Podcast Interview with Alisa Spector Angelo

How can employers retain people in the face of The Great Resignation job market phenomenon? Compass’s Owner and President, Alisa Spector Angelo, talks with Laurie Barkman from the Succession Stories Podcast about why it’s more important than ever to put your company values into practice to drive retention and foster a healthy and productive work environment. Topics discussed include: LISTEN TO THE … Read more

Seek Moments of Joy in Your Work

When I first read this article, I thought “this will be a great example to use for our upcoming customer service training for our client.” But then it hit me. This article is for all of us. This has been a grueling year and a half and I’d be shocked if you haven’t had moments … Read more

Hybrid Work Model Considerations

This quote from a recent Global CEO Forum sponsored by Fortune sums up my many conversations with our clients. “We are definitely going to be hybrid. We think that is really the wave of the future. It’s not going to be a free for all. It’s going to be a structured, hybrid, workplace where we are going … Read more

Showing Gratitude

Early in my career, I was the director of human resources for a UK-based firm. Our new CEO, who I adored, was a recent implant from England and as expected, was combing through the books for areas to cut expenses. He came upon the line item for the turkey distribution in our manufacturing facility. He suggested we … Read more