Five Ways to Prioritize Your Wellbeing

These past few years have emphasized the importance of health, both physical and mental, and the overall need for wellness in the workplace. Being a great leader, contributor, colleague, and friend requires energy, presence, and health. Here are five ways to prioritize your wellbeing:

A Compelling Reason to Get More Sleep

When I was younger, I was of the mindset that sleep was overrated and deprivation was a sign of strength and drive. After all, I had three kids to raise and a company to run. As part of my own evolution and holistic approach to executive coaching, I emphasize the critical importance of sleep. Here … Read more

Introducing IDEAS

A new Compass course focused on helping organizations build and sustain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. Our mission at Compass is creating work environments where people thrive. To live our mission, we developed a course called IDEAS to support organizations in becoming truly inclusive by prizing diversity, creating equity and accessibility, and sustaining positive … Read more

Can You Embrace the Lobster Within?

Do you seek out the uncomfortable or avoid it at all cost? Watch this short video clip where the wise Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski provides a different perspective on stress.  I want you to embrace the feeling of uncomfortableness. Embrace the butterflies, the sweaty palms, the self-doubt and force yourself to try something new, share your voice, … Read more

Every Leader Needs This Skill

Peter Drucker wrote, “Your foremost job as a leader…is to take charge of your own energy and then help orchestrate the energy of those around you.”  Many of us have learned from experience and reflection that emotions play a significant role in impacting our energy and others around us. A leader’s effectiveness is a strong … Read more

What’s on Your Bookcase?

I have a bookcase in my office with my favorite books of all time. I also have an office closet filled with additional copies of those books plus many more titles for a quick handoff to a friend, colleague, or coaching candidate. My bookcase houses a mix of fiction, nonfiction, religious texts, and business titles. … Read more


I love how I learn as much from my coaching candidates as hopefully, they learn from me. I was working with a respected leader whose reputation was recently tarnished by a lapse of judgment. I was walking side-by-side with this candidate to have him understand the “why” behind his actions and to emerge stronger moving forward. During … Read more

Assessments: Critical to Your People Strategy

Assessments offer unbiased, objective, data-driven metrics. When used properly and connected to other information collected through interviews or on-the-job performance, assessments can help form a comprehensive picture of an individual.  Evaluating individuals to determine abilities, role compatibility and team cohesiveness is a cornerstone of organizational success. Companies often think about assessing the capabilities of new … Read more

Build an Effective Mentoring Program

Organizations investing in their people through cost-effective mentoring programs often see greater employee engagement and empowerment, job satisfaction and connection to the organization’s mission. Professional development is cited as the main reason mentees participate in a mentoring program. Mentees also note greater loyalty to their company and overall job satisfaction. Despite data proving mentorship programs … Read more