Updates to Mandatory Labor Law Posters

It is time to update your labor law posters.

Just recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released a new mandatory “Know Your Rights” poster, which must be posted by all employers with 15 or more employees.

The 2023 labor law poster updates include this change along with other recent federal and state updates regarding USERRA, employee rights, minimum wage, paid leave, employment discrimination, and whistleblower protection. 

All employers are required to display current labor law posters in every office location to inform employees of the federal and state laws that may impact them. If you do not have a physical location in which to display the updated labor law poster, an electronic posting may be used instead as long as it is fully accessible to all employees. If your team has a hybrid work arrangement, you must still post a physical version of the poster at your worksite even if you also provide electronic versions.

Compass recommends an “all-in-one poster” that incorporates federal and state postings. We also suggest that you select the option with a 12-month poster replacement guarantee. This way you will automatically receive updated posters as laws are added or changed and you will not have to purchase new posters again if there are other changes throughout 2023 and into early 2024. 

Posters may be purchased through a service like Labor Law PostersAll In One Posters, or Labor Law Center. If you currently have an active 12-month poster replacement service for your mandatory labor law posters, then you will automatically receive an update with the appropriate changes.

For more information or assistance with ordering, please reach out to Compass at info@WeAreCompass.com.

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