Assessments: Critical to Your People Strategy

Assessments offer unbiased, objective, data-driven metrics. When used properly and connected to other information collected through interviews or on-the-job performance, assessments can help form a comprehensive picture of an individual. 

Evaluating individuals to determine abilities, role compatibility and team cohesiveness is a cornerstone of organizational success. Companies often think about assessing the capabilities of new hires to ensure they can do the job; however, assessing culture and group fit is often overlooked. Assessments can also support existing employees by identifying strengths and opportunities for growth and development. Sharing this feedback allows employees to unlock self-awareness and proactively chart a path forward. Evaluations across teams can also be deployed to help establish training priorities and positively transform day-to-day work experiences.

A strong people strategy includes understanding each employee’s skills, abilities, motivations and work style. Organizations that invest in regularly assessing job candidates, individuals preparing for new roles and those in need of development often find benefits reaching far beyond their original goal of placing the right people in the right roles. Such benefits include:

  • Increased employee engagement — investing in people improves morale and reduces absenteeism rates, turnover and complaints.
  • Increased productivity and employee retention — when people are properly fitted for their roles they tend to be happier and want to continue doing the work they are best suited to do.
  • Improved sense of belonging — identifying variations in work styles and communication preferences while uncovering individual strengths enable teams to collaborate more effectively and welcome different perspectives.
  • Reduced interview time — establishing minimum assessment scores by position creates a more efficient recruitment and interview process.
  • Reduced defensiveness — data helps support interviewing and talent decisions while reducing internal debates regarding the candidates.

While assessments will not predict the future, they should be a part of the hiring process as they may highlight focal areas that are otherwise not detectable through traditional interviewing methods. Assessments can also help leaders understand a variety of existing employee skills and personality traits, along with team dynamics, making it easier for them to engage, manage and retain employees.

Compass can help lead the way as we have significant experience with customizing assessment plans for organizations and individuals. We offer DiSC-certified Solutions Providers and 1500+ behavior and skills assessments through IBM’s testing platform, along with supplementary group training and team-building sessions. Please e-mail us at [email protected] to learn how we can help you better use assessment data to build and advance your best team.

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