High achievers are looking to get better, and companies are the beneficiaries. Development opportunities are the best investment in attracting, retaining, and engaging employees. Clients turn to us when they need career pathing, succession planning, performance management, and impactful technical and soft skills training.

Our multidisciplinary approach to learning includes our proprietary combination of behavioral assessments, dynamic and interactive live and self-paced training sessions, individualized coaching, and the unique experience of The Compass Lab®.

Our development programs ensure the application of new knowledge to work behaviors that result in optimal team performance.


Career Pathing

DEAI Training

Emerging Leaders Training

Employee Assessments

Employee Coaching

High Potential Training

Instructional and Content Design

Mentoring Programs

Performance Management and Design

Presentation Skills Training

The Compass Lab®

Guiding Treasured Community Resources

Each non-profit organization required human resources guidance such as compliance, training, performance management, talent acquisition, employee engagement, and/or general human resources support. While each organization was unique, their need for support, tools, and communication techniques to ensure compliant operations were consistent regardless of their mission and size.

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