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Sustainable, lasting growth requires a shared vision, a well-equipped leadership team, aligned workforce, and reimagined processes. Compass is built to fuel and accelerate that kind of growth.

We start with assessing your current state, hearing the stakeholder vision of where you want to go, and defining a strategic roadmap to achieve your future state. Whatever your path, Compass collaborates with you to ensure your plan is sound: We develop your team and redefine workflows to support a robust new business pipeline, and ultimately higher revenue.

We cap off our work with sound change management strategies that include clear communication and impactful training. In many ways we are your guide to success. 


Candidate Assessments and Testing

Change Management Strategy

Compensation Marketing Pricing

Compensation Structure Design

Culture Assessments

DEAI Strategy

Emerging Leaders Training

Employee Brand Strategy

Employee Communication Strategy

Employee Engagement Survey

Executive/Leadership Coaching

HR Audit and Roadmap

Incentive and Retention Plans

Job Architecture

Leadership Assessments

Leadership Retreats

Leadership Training

Mission and Core Values Creation

Organizational Structure Design

Performance Management and Design

Source and Select Talent

Strategic Plan Development

Succession Planning

Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategy

Total Reward Programs

Value Stream Mapping

Building a Winning Athletics Department

The new Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Oregon Stae University came into a department charged with critical financial management needs as well as improved performance in the revenue-producing sports. He sought assistance in analyzing the current needs of the department, specifically the culture and the individuals on the leadership team.

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