No matter what your product or service, your organization begins and ends with the people on your team.

Our talent acquisition experts strategize with our clients to determine how to stand out in a marketplace that is saturated with job postings competing for a limited pool of high-quality talent. 

Hiring efforts include defining the right process to bring in talent, writing high visibility job postings, sourcing, interviewing, training others on interviewing, selecting and negotiating with candidates who match the technical requirements and core values of your organization.

How do we know we are good at hiring talent? Our placed candidates consistently turn into our next clients!

How we do it

Talent Acquisition Annual Planning

Market Mapping and Competitor Analysis

Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Candidate Experience Analysis

Applicant Tracking System Strategy

Total Rewards Programs

Referral Program Strategy

Recruiting Team Metric and KPI Strategy

Compensation Market Pricing

Compensation Structure design

Job Design

Job Description Development

Job Posting Strategy

New Requisition Intake and Launch

Talent sourcing and selection

Customized Sourcing and Outreach Campaigns

DEAI Sourcing Campaigns

Behavioral and Business Skill Screening

Interview Process Standardization

Interview Question and Guide Establishment

Candidate Assessment Administration

Internal Recruiting Staff Coaching & Development

Internal Staff Interview Training

Retained & Executive Search


Reference/Background Checks

Offer Letter Development and Presentation

Onboarding Program Management

Guiding Treasured Community Resources

Each non-profit organization required human resources guidance such as compliance, training, performance management, talent acquisition, employee engagement, and/or general human resources support. While each organization was unique, their need for support, tools, and communication techniques to ensure compliant operations were consistent regardless of their mission and size.

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