A fully compliant workplace fosters inclusivity, safety, and parity while reducing potential financial and legal liability. Our team of experts approach compliance issues with the utmost urgency to keep your employees and ultimately your company safe. Whether we get ahead of any concerns through an HR Audit and fix problems in real time or in response to a problem, our national presence enables us to navigate employment law in all fifty states.

Turn to Compass when you need a sensitive and compassionate partner to help you resolve an employee issue, conduct an investigation, create a policy, and conduct compliant trainings such as harassment and discrimination prevention, and DEAI that deliver positive results.


Affirmative Action Plans (AAP)

Benefit Plan Design and Vendor Management

Compensation Marketing Pricing

Compensation Structure Design

DEAI Strategy

DEAI Training

Employee Manuals

Employee Relations

HR Audit and Roadmap

Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training


Job Description Development

Job Grading and Internal Equity

Pay Equity

Total Reward Programs

Transforming Culture Through Harassment and Discrimination Training

Four organizations experienced employee complaints or strict harassment and discrimination compliance requirements. Compass was engaged by each client to develop customized harassment and discrimination prevention training, moving beyond the traditional and ineffective “check the box” training programs so prevalent in American workplaces.

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