We show appreciation for the contributions of our employees with thoughtful recognition and rewards programs. Companies that reward performance attract and retain high performing talent.

Competitive wages are just the entry point in creating a program to win and retain talent in the marketplace. We work with our clients to determine a total rewards philosophy that aligns with what matters most to employees while maximizing limited budgets.

Clients turn to us for market pricing, compensation structure design, health and wellness programs, and communication and open enrollment support. Additionally, we specialize in aligning mission and core values to benefits, policies, and perks that telegraph what you want to recognize and reward at your company.


Benefit Plan Design and Vendor Management

Career Pathing

Compensation Marketing Pricing

Compensation Structure Design

Incentive and Retention Plans

Job Description Development

Job Grading and Internal Equity

Open Enrollment

Pay Equity

Performance Management and Design

Total Reward Programs

Improving Engagement Through Thoughtful Recognition

Giant Eagle’s company-wide engagement survey identified inconsistent and ineffective practices in rewarding and recognizing employees. The organization had recently adopted new core values and was putting strategic resources toward inclusion on the Great Places to Work® list. Giant Eagle engaged Compass to develop a strategy around a comprehensive rewards and recognition program.

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