Case study
Bechtel Plant Machinery, inc.

When Charting A Reorganization Impacts National Safety

The prime contractor that provides engineering support and services to the U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Propulsion Program turned to Compass to navigate a top-to-bottom reorganization.


For over six decades, BPMI has been instrumental in keeping the United States Navy safe and successful through the design, manufacturing, and procurement management of technology solutions and equipment for submarines and aircraft carriers.


Recognizing BPMI’s value, the Navy expanded the scope of BPMI’s operations at the same time they were embarking on a new strategic plan. Leadership recognized the need to reimagine their organizational structure to build and sustain the Navy’s industrial base.

BPMI tapped Compass to provide the change management strategy and logistics required to ensure the reorganization was implemented flawlessly.


The collaboration paired a three-person task force from BPMI with a three-person executive team from Compass skilled in change management. Using the ADKAR model (which stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) the partnership ensured every employee and leader impacted would be supported and set up for maximum performance.

The help Compass delivered in establishing a change management and transition plan was pivotal.

Barb Staniscia

General Manager

BPMI logo

Scope of Work

Developed strategy for the reorganization based on government approval and internal constraints

Conducted individual meetings with each member of executive staff to catalog every employee impacted by change

Collaborated with Executive Staff to determine individualized employee plans

Named initiative “Charting Our Course” and drafted communication pieces for each member of Executive Staff including PPT presentations and talking points for new department launch meetings

Collaborated on script for video rollout used on launch date


Leadership adopted their roles with confidence and BPMI’s entire staff came together to support the new initiatives. Clear communication was key to the reorganization’s success. BPMI reported that going through the full process of learning about and implementing organizational change brought the entire team closer.